Putting Up Lighting Track

Tracks and Wiring

Putting Up Track

A spotlight track is electrified along its entire length so that a series of lights can be fitted. The tracks come complete with mounting clips and are in plastic or metal. There are basic lengths to which extensions can be fitted; some types can be turned around corners by use of flexible connectors.


putting up lighting track

1. Decide where you want the track. It must be screwed to a solid surface, such as a ceiling joist. Remember to locate the live end of the track near to the power point. Turn off at the mains or fuse box and mark the position of the track through holes in it. Drill holes at these points.


2. Screw the mounting clips in position.


putting up lighting track 5 & 63. Remove the terminal box’s cover plate and feed the cable through it.


4. Clip the track into the mounting clips and secure it by tightening screws. If a different system is used, see the manufacturers’ instructions. Connect the cable to the terminals and replace the cover.


5. Slide the spotlights onto the track and lock into position. Restore power.




In the United States and Australia, you must check local regulations before you attempt electrical work.


Covering Electrical Wires

Cover and protect wires in situations where you want to extend your electrical circuit but cannot run the new wiring under the floor or do not want to conceal it behind plastered or finished walls. Covering is available in plastic, metal or wood sections, running at floor-level as a mock skirting board (baseboard) or at ceiling-height as a cornice (crown molding). Plastic types have a clip-on cover.

First plan the route of the circuit around the room. Drill and fix the main body of the covering by screwing through the base or, if the surface is suitable, using contact adhesive. Snap the fittings —couplers, bends and T-pieces — into position. Fit the lid by sliding one end under the cover of the first fitting. Cut 5mm/1/4in past the first fitting, spring under the next fitting and snap the lid into position along the main body. Repeat the process between every fitting.

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