Quick Decorating Tips for Painting


• Before you open a can of paint, wipe off any dust from the top so that it doesn’t get into the paint.

• If you are opening a partly used can, take care not to knock bits of dried paint into the tin as you open it.

• Don’t use a screwdriver to prise off the tin lid — you will buckle the edge of the lid making it difficult to reseal the tin properly. Use a broad lever, such as the back of a knife, instead.

• Where a skin has formed on the paint in the can, cut round the edge of it with a sharp knife and lift it out carefully so bits don’t break off and fall back into the paint.

• If there’s a small amount of paint left, strain it into a dark glass screw-topped jar for storage. Choose a suitable-sized jar so there’s very little air space. Label the jar.

• To store a larger amount of paint, strain any left in the paint kettle back into the tin. Wipe any paint from the rim and then put a circle of aluminium foil over the paint surface before putting the lid on. Tap it home securely with a block of wood.

• Where the lid is distorted, you can instead put on the lid and then invert the can to spread the paint round the inner rim to form an airtight seal, then store the can the right way up

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