Quick Secondary Double Glazing

Quick and Easy Double Glazing

Quick Secondary Double Glazing There are a great many different secondary glazing systems on the market, but by far the simplest and cheapest employs a sheet of thin, flexible plastic film taped across the window frame. It makes surprisingly effective double glazing and can be removed at the end of the winter. Taped film is safe because it can be cut away easily in an emergency.

Essential tools:

  • Craft knife
  • Hairdryer
  • Scissors

Covering the window with film

Film taped to the movable sash will reduce heat loss through the glass and provide accessible ventilation, but it won’t stop draughts. Film stretched right across the window frame has the advantage of cutting down heat loss and eliminating draughts at the same time.

  1. Clean the window frame and cut the plastic roughly to size, allowing an overlap all round. Apply double-sided tape to the edges of the frame, then peel off the backing paper.
  2. Attach the plastic film to the top rail, then tension it onto the tape on the sides and bottom of the window frame. Apply only light pressure until you have positioned the film, and then rub it down onto the tape all round.
  3. Remove all creases and wrinkles in the film, using a hair dryer set to a high temperature. Starting at an upper corner, move the dryer slowly across the film, holding it about 6mm (1/4in) from the surface.
  4. When the film is taut, cut off the excess plastic with a knife.

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