Rashes on the Body

A rash over the whole body, accompanied by a raised temperature or a cough, is usually a sign of one of the childhood illnesses.

German measles

A rash of tiny pink, slightly raised spots begins behind the ears or on the face, and then spreads down to the rest of the body. Glands become swollen, particularly behind the ears. The patient may have felt generally off-colour for a few days before the rash started.


A rash of brownish-pink, slightly raised spots starts behind the ears and spreads in blotches over the whole body on about the fourth day. A dry, irritating cough and sore eyes start one to four days before the rash.


Highly irritating rash that starts on the body and spreads to the arms, legs, face and head. The rash begins as raised spots which quickly change to watery blisters. Slightly raised temperature

Scarlet fever

A rash of tiny spots. It feels rather like sandpaper and turns white when pressed. It begins on the neck and chest and then spreads over the whole body. Sore throat, high temperature and vomiting.

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