Removal of Wine Stains

Manuals of household practice have all sorts of suggestions for the removal of stains, but I do not think that I have ever noticed them suggest the most obvious way of ‘lifting’ the stain of red wine. It is simply to drench the area stained with dryish white wine. The one wine will cancel out the other. I have demonstrated this so often, on the sleeves of dresses in front of an audience, that I am able to be definite that, if you can tackle the stain while it is still damp, there will be no need to have the material cleaned – I have done it with cream tweed and a friend did it with a red wine stain on white crepe. Do not use a sweet or fortified wine.

If the stain has set and dried, then soaking in cold water will usually shift any mark of the wine – as it will shift a bloodstain. The use of salt and other things has never seemed really efficaceous to me, but I may have been unlucky. Soap and water can also lift many wine stains, even if these are on fabrics that otherwise have to be dry-cleaned.

Gin or Vodka, being colourless, are the spirits with which grease stains, such as lipstick or milk, can be removed from most fabrics.

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