Repairing Damaged Wallpaper

Paper on walls and ceilings may be kept clean by dusting it with a long-handled feather duster. If this is not done at frequent Intervals, dust on the paper may become rubbed in. Dirty marks on wallpaper may he removed by rubbing the paper with a piece of stale bread, rubbing with a circular movement until the bread crumbles away.

Grease marks on wallpaper may be removed with a grease solvent of the kind used for cleaning clothes. The solvent should be applied on a small piece of cotton wool which should be pressed on the grease mark and not rubbed on the paper. Alternatively, grease spots may be removed with a hot iron, used over several thicknesses of blotting paper. If the iron is too hot it will scorch the paper.

Small tears in wallpaper are easy to repair. The torn part should be folded back over a piece of clean paper and the inner surface of the tear should be brushed with paste. Allow a few minutes for the paste to soak before smoothing the tear on the wall surface and dabbing with a soft clean cloth.

Dirty marks around light switches are difficult to remove and these are best dealt with by re-papering around the switch. If pieces of the original paper are not available, the piece of wallpaper may be of a contrasting colour and pattern. The replacement paper should be cut into a neat square or circle and pasted into position.

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