Replacing Old Hot Water Systems

Old plumbing may not only be inefficient – it can also be dangerous. Constricted and heavily scaled hot-water circuitry could burst, causing possible injury from very hot water, or vast damage could result from a cascade of water, spoiling the fabric and furnishings of the home. Plan carefully any updating of your plumbing to limit dislocation of the household.

Aesthetically, festoons of leaded pipework in bathroom or kitchen are in no way attractive. This pipework may also have deteriorated and be in need of replacement. However, even old lead has a capital value and can be sold.

Where there are old direct heating systems, fired by a kitchen boiler, pipework is heavily scaled internally and the flow of water is, consequently, constricted. This can be dangerous, for very hot water can be under great pressure in old pipework which may easily fracture and cause scalding.

Heating arrangements, in older systems, may be linked with an outdated galvanised hot-water tank. Greater reliability and efficiency will be achieved by replacing this with a modern copper cylinder.

In fact, plans for modernising heating may well run parallel with the full re-plumbing of a home.

The materials available in modern plumbing provide a wide choice and give scope for improvement. Also the life cycle of modern materials is greatly in excess of many older ones.

The main materials used in modern domestic plumbing are copper, stainless steel and various plastics, including glass-reinforced plastics (GRP), otherwise glass fibre.

Copper is now widely used in place of lead and galvanized mild steel in plumbing work. Plastics are rapidly gaining ground in the situations where these are acceptable, and can be simpler and cheaper to fit than traditional metal plumbing. Plastic pipe, however, cannot be used for hot-water supply.

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