Rising Butt Hinges to Raise Doors on Opening

The fitting of rising-butt hinges is a simple job of carpentry. Rising butts are fitted to doors which require raising when opened, such as doors of rooms with carpets or rugs that prevent doors fully opening when the bottom edge of the door meets the edge of the floor-covering.

Of course, the bottom edge of a door may be trimmed to ride over the edge of a carpet, but if there is floor space between the carpet and the door, trimming the bottom edge of the door will permit the entry of draughts. The action of a rising-butt hinge is such that it raises the door as it is opened. The image, shows the design of a rising-butt which has a spiral knuckle joint. Rising-butt hinges are made as ‘left-hand’ or ‘right-hand’, and it is important to ask for the correct pattern. The correct ‘hand’ is determined by the position of the hinged side of the door, when closed, and viewed from the room into which the door opens.

rising butt hingesRising-butt hinges are made in the same lengths as ordinary butt hinges, and the hinges being replaced should be measured for length before buying the new ones. The new hinges should fit into the old recesses, but in some cases adjustment may be necessary.

The new hinges should fit to the frame and edge of the door with a full-depth recess for the hinge cut into the frame of the doorway, and a half-hinge recess cut into the edge of the door. The knuckle of the new hinges should be clear of the face sides of door and frame. With the hinges fitted it will be necessary to trim the top inside corner of the hinged side of the door to prevent this corner jamming against the framework of the door when it is opened and closed.

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