Roof Repair: Ridges and Roofing Repair Advice

Repairs to  Roofs:

If damage to a roof is extensive, the handyman should call in an expert to do the job, but if one or two slates or tiles have loosened, or become cracked, the work of replacement can quite easily be done by the handyman. A cracked slate that lets in water should be replaced immediately the damage becomes apparent. To remove the damaged slate an arrowhead nail ripper should be used. This tool is illustrated below right. The arrowhead of the tool is slid under the damaged slate and the tool is then jerked downwards, with good force, so that the sharp edges of the inside of the steel arrowhead cut through the nails holding the slate in position.

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The replacement slate should be exactly the same size as the old one. The replacement cannot be nailed to the supporting timbers of the roof without removing the adjoining slates and it is held in position by a strip of zinc 1 in. wide, one end of which should be hooked over the top edge of the slate, under the one being replaced, as illustrated in Image 2. The new slate is then slid into position, and the lower end of the zinc strip is bent to form a second hook (as shown in the illustration below right – Image 2).

roof repairThese strips may be purchased from a builders’ merchant, or they can be cut from sheet zinc, using a pair of tin snips.

Repairing Ridges:

The position of the ridge tiles or slates on the roof of a house is indicated in Image 1 (above). These are used to seal the angles of joining surfaces. The best type of ridge covering, whether for a slate or tiled roof, is earthenware tiles, shaped with right-angled top surfaces, as shown in Image 2 (right), or half round tiles may be used.

Some ridges on houses with slate roofs are of slate, and these are narrow rectangular pieces of slate which are overlapped at the top edge, as shown in Image 2. The ends of the slates overlap on the ridge as do also the joining edges of the angle. In most cases the slates are secured to the ridges with cement or with a bituminous adhesive compound. Replacement is done in the same way as the original fixing. The ridged tiles used for slate or tile roofs are in most cases cemented to the roof surface. The mortar used for replacement is one part waterproof cement to two parts sand. The new ridging pieces and the underlying surfaces should be well wetted before cementing the new ridge in place. Repairs to lead roofs and to gulleys are jobs best tackled by the expert.

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