Sanding Discs, Abrasives, Polishers and Grinders

Sanding discs

More accurate than the flexible rubber sanding disc is the rigid type, fitted to a power tool mounted on a bench stand accessory. Similar sanders are also available as attachments to universal woodworking machines. The main use of the rigid sanding disc is for producing smooth, perfectly level surfaces on woodwork.

To ease removal and replacement when worn, abrasive papers are stuck to the rigid backing disc with a non-hardening adhesive made for the purpose. This is spread on to the backing disc while it is rotating, and the abrasive disc is pressed on firmly when the tool is at rest. After peeling off a worn abrasive disc, skim off the remaining adhesive by holding a blunt strip of metal against the rotating disc.

Although a platform on which the work is rested is fitted across the full diameter of the disc, use only the left half where the disc moves downward, thus holding the work down. Provided that the support platform is at 90° to the disc, rigid sanders can be used for producing true right angles in woodwork. Light pressure gives the most accurate results and the finest finish.

Abrasives, polishers and grinders

Use a wire brush for the first stage in polishing corroded or slightly pitted metal.

Follow up with the rag buff. ‘Dress’ the rag buff before using, by applying a stick of polishing compound to the buff while it is rotating.

For final polishing, use the lambswool bonnet. De-rusting of drain-pipes or other metalwork before repainting can be done with a wire cup brush.

Straight or tapered abrasive bands which fit over companion holders can be used for sanding small objects or those which cannot be reached with the normal abrasive disc attached to a flexible backing pad .

The power grinder which is used in conjunction with grinding wheels is designed for grinding and sharpening edge tools and knives. Adjustable supports on power grinders can be moved inward to compensate for grinding-wheel wear.

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