Sash Window Fittings and Hardware

A sash window screw is a simple device for locking windows. It may be used as a deterrent to burglars, or as a safety measure for upper-floor windows where there are children in the house. There are three parts to a sash window screw as illustrated below.

This consists of a metal plate which is fitted on the face of the sash at the meeting stile — the meeting stile is the one at the top of the lower sash which is lapped by the lower bar of the upper sash. The metal plate is fitted over a drilled hole which should be equal in diameter to the threaded bolt (see Image). The threaded plate of the sash window screw is fitted to the inside edge of the meeting sash of the upper window and this plate should be let into the woodwork so that it is flush with the surface.

sash window screw - Sash Window Fittings and HardwareThe window is simply locked by screwing the sash window bolt through the surface hole into the threaded plate.

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