Sea Fishing: Glossary of Fishing Terms


Over-run with drum reel when casting, resulting in a tangle or ‘bird’s nest’.

Baited spoon

Spoon trailing a fish-strip or worm bait on hook at rear : used for flounder.

Centre-pin reel

Free-running drum reel.


Adjustable brake on reel, often called ‘star drag’.


Fishing from a boat, either anchored or drifting, in which weighted tackle streams out in the tide, but off the bottom.


Crude flies, fished one above the other, sometimes in considerable numbers, usually when mackerel are wanted for bait.

Fixed-spool reel

Sea reels of this type are made in larger sizes with drums suitable for holding a great deal of heavy line. (See `Coarse Fishing: Glossary of Fishing Terms’ for full description.)


The bottom.

Ground fishing

Bottom fishing.


A weighed device, usually silver and armed with hooks, to resemble a small fish. This is jigged up and down above the bottom until a fish takes. Not of great sporting value.


A strip of fish, often mackerel, mounted as bait.


Weight for bottom fishing through which the line is free to run when a fish takes the bait.

Multiplying reel

A geared reel, much used in sea fishing when it is made in larger sizes than for freshwater use. Multipliers are free-running for long-casting, have adjustable brakes or drags, and a device for paying the line back evenly over the spindle during the retrieve. In the largest sizes, they are used for big-game fishing.


A known position on the sea bed where good fishing can be had, probably for one particular species. Marks are found by taking cross-bearings on points ashore.


Bottom-fishing gear consisting of a weight at the end of a nylon or wire trace. Above this, at intervals, are wire, nylon, or Perspex booms on which baits are mounted.


A crab on the point of changing its shell. When the shells are removed, these make deadly baits for many fish, including bass.


A small club used for killing fish quickly and humanely.


Raising a big fish, perhaps a skate, off the bottom by winding the rod top-down towards it and then lifting the rod.

The performance is repeated just as long as the fish will permit and line stand the strain.


A method of ground-baiting, notably for shark, with chopped-up fragments of such oily fish as pilchards. The rubby-dubby, a mesh bag, is hung over the side of the boat so that it trails in the water and leaves an oily slick behind to attract the fish.


School bass, young fish of a pound or more which normally shoal together.


Hook-link of paternoster or leger gear when made of nylon or other line rather than of wire.


Another term for beach fishing, often for bass.


The end portion of the tackle carrying the hooks, weights, etc. Sometimes of wire to prevent abrasion on rocky ground and to stop the fish biting the tackle through.

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