Sea-Trout Fishing Method: Rolling Worm

The rolling worm is just as effective for sea-trout as it is for salmon although, naturally, the tackle must be scaled down to suit the smaller fish. A single worm fished on a Stewart tackle weighted by a drilled bullet is the best arrangement. The technique of fishing the worm for sea-trout is the same as for SALMON.

A deal of static worm fishing goes on in many rivers, usually during spates. Although this method fills baskets it is not, in my view, a sporting way of fishing, since, because the bait is usually gorged by the fish, everything that takes the worm must be destroyed — small trout, parr, and smolts. There is also a more serious objection to this form of angling. In some areas the use of salmon-ova paste to attract fish to the worm is still widely practised, despite its illegality. Much winter poaching for gravid salmon and sea-trout is aimed at obtaining a supply of ‘jam’ or ‘paste’ and the only possible customers for this traffic are static worm-fishers.

Static worming is quite distinct from rolling worm and clear-water worm fished upstream like a fly. These two methods are mobile in character, so that a ground-bait such as paste is of no use. There is a strong feeling that static worming ought to 4 be either restricted or banned, for such a ban would abolish the winter poachers’ market for prepared salmon ova. However — as we saw with salmon fishing — further restrictions on angling, whether justified or not, would be strongly contested on the grounds that, as long as men are allowed to catch fish in nets for private profit, the angler should be allowed full leave to use whichever method he thinks fit. This is the vicious circle that is ruining nearly all our fisheries.

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