Sea-Trout: Tackle and Flies

Ordinary TROUT tackle is satisfactory for sea-trout fishing. Generally speaking, a 2.7 m (9 ft) trout-rod of split-cane or glass with a 7.5 cm (3 ins) reel, loaded with a suitable silk or Terylene tapered line, is all the angler needs. Specialists who fish for heavy sea-trout at night often prefer a slightly heavier outfit: a 2.85 or 3 m (9+ or 10 ft) rod and line to suit. It is true that big fish can be more easily subdued on the heavier outfit and if a water is known to contain reasonable numbers of sea-trout over 3.5 kg (8 lb) then the heavier tackle is recommended. But personally I use the trout-weight tackle at all times except when there is a likelihood of hooking a salmon. Having landed sea-trout up to 3.2 kg (61 lb) on a 100 g (4 oz) rod, I am increasingly loath to use gear more suited to light salmon fishing, which is how one must describe heavy sea-trout tackle.

A 2.7 m (9 ft) tapered leader of non-glint nylon is ideal for sea-trout. There are many excellent brands, among them Platil and Kroic. Some anglers use a fly on point and a single dropper tied in high up the cast; some use one fly; others prefer three. I find that I hook two fish on the point-fly t) every fish caught on the dropper.

Flies for sea-trout must be considered in relation to the habits and traits of the fish. Fresh-run sea-trout will take almost any sort of bright fly, but after a short time in fresh water this naïve phase expends itself and the fish rapidly become shy and discriminating. After a day or two in the river sea-trout adopt the habit of feeding mostly at dusk and at night. The angler’s flies, therefore, must be selected with these generalizations in mind. `;then fish are clearly fresh-run — e.g. soon after a spate — almost any sort of tinsel-bodied fly stands a good chance of attracting them. When they have dropped into the dusk /night feeding routine it pays to treat them as if they were cautious brown trout.

Here are a few flies which the writer likes to use: Silver March Brown, Silver Invicta, Gold Mallard, Rusty Sedge, Magpie Scad, and Butcher. These should be dressed to hooks size 12, 10, and 8 (Redditch).

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