Self Sufficient Living: Poultry and Bee-Keeping

Producing eggs and honey in your garden

Poultry and bees bring anew dimension to garden food production and self-sufficiency. Both form the basis for fascinating hobbies, while really fresh eggs and home produced honey provide a welcome change for your table, which the whole family can enjoy.

Both activities dovetail neatly with other forms of food-growing. Added to garden waste, poultry manure ensures plentiful supplies of rich compost to promote maximum vegetable yields. With a hive of bees to distribute the pollen from spring blossom, fruit crops are given the best possible start each year.


If either enterprise seems a little challenging for a suburban garden, remember that these and other forms of garden husbandry were commonplace during and just after the war, when many foods were in short supply.

They faded from the scene only as plenty and prosperity returned and rationing came to an end.

Nowadays, the main incentives for home food-growing are to combat ever-rising prices and to enjoy fresh, natural produce instead of processed and packaged goods. Together, they provide a powerful argument for producing as wide a variety of food as possible from your garden.

15. June 2011 by admin
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