Sending Invitations for a Party

Allow plenty of time

For a large, formal occasion such as a wedding, it’s usual to send out written or printed invitations at least four weeks in advance. For smaller, informal parties, write or telephone to invite guests about two weeks in advance.

Check the invitations

Before you send them, check all invitations to make sure you haven’t left off any vital information: your name, the address of the party, date and time, purpose, theme if there is one, type of dress, and an address or telephone number for replies.

All written invitations should say ‘R.S.V.P.’, indicating that you need a firm response. If you prefer, put ‘Regrets Only’, but you may find that some people will not reply at all.

Printed invitations

If you need formal invitations printed or engraved, approach a local stationery store or printer several weeks in advance. They can usually offer patterns and examples for you to choose from.

Wording an invitation

A formal invitation should be written in the third person, for example, ‘Mr and Mrs John Smith request the pleasure of your company…’ If it’s informal, there are no rules.

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