Sharpening Bits

Centre bit

This is held more or less vertically with the point on a flat surface. File the top edge of the cutter to an angle of 30 . Lightly file the inside of the scriber or spur with a file and finish using an oilstone slip.

Twist bit

This is sharpened as the centre bit. Take care not to damage the threaded point. The spurs cnn be filed carefully from time to time. Countersinks use a rat-tail file for the small pattern and a three-cornered file for the rose type.

Wood drills

These are ground to a 60 point; they can be filed or ground on a powered grindstone.

Care and storage

A tool box keeps tools in a place where you can find them. Tools should be kept in the dry. Lightly oil metal parts to prevent rusting. Always clean tools after use. Do not mistreat tools; always use them correctly.

10. November 2011 by admin
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