Simple Ways to Lose Weight


Work with your body

Treat it well, and your body will be an ally in the fight against fat.

  • Regular exercise can increase metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn up energy) and help you to stay slim.
  • Crash diets have the opposite effect: the body protects itself from starvation by conserving as much energy (and hence fat) as possible, and your metabolic rate could actually fall, making you fatter in the long run.
  • Don’t go for any diet that gives fewer than 1000 Calories a day for women, or 1200 a day for men.

Cutting calories

The best way to do it is to reduce the fat in your diet, since fat is the most concentrated form of food energy. A mere 50g (2oz) of Cheddar cheese, which is high in fat, gives you 200 Calories, but you’d have to eat a pound of apples to get the same effect.

Substitutes for cream

Yoghurt and low-fat fromage frais are less fat­tening than cream. Use them in place of sour cream on jacket potatoes, and in dips and spreads. Season with garlic, chopped fresh herbs, spices, mustard, lemon juice or tomato puree.

Yoghurt also makes a low-fat dessert topping, or it can be frozen with chopped fruit and honey as an alternative to ice cream.

Sauces and gravies

Don’t use fat and flour to thicken sauces if you want to lose weight. Instead, puree vegetables such as carrots, spinach and peppers for a tasty low-fat sauce. Or make gravy by skimming off any fat and reducing the juices from a roast until concentrated.

Can’t say no to pudding?

Go for fresh fruit rather than a sugary dessert. It’s less fattening, and your sweet tooth will still be satisfied.


Buy natural, low-fat yog­hurt, rather than the flavoured variety, which contains added sugar. If you find the taste of plain yoghurt too sharp, mix in a little sugar-free jam or chopped fruit.

Drink plenty of liquids

Your body can lose a lot of water when you go on a diet, so drink plenty of low-calorie liquids such as water and herbal teas. Pure vegetable juices such as carrot and tomato are also non-fattening, and you can cut down the calorie content of fruit juices by diluting them with water. Avoid alcohol, which is high in calories and low in vitamins.

Slimming snacks

If you’re a nibbler make sure you always have a good supply of fresh vegetables avail­able for snacks. Try carrots, celery, radishes, green peppers, tomatoes or even fresh beans or peas.

Nutritionists recommend a daily allowance of about 1000-1500 Calories for women who wish to slim, and 1200-1700 Calories for men. Once you’re happy with your weight, 2150-2500 Cal a day is recommended for women and 2400-3400 Cal a day for men, the exact figure depending on your age, activity level, metabolic rate and individual needs.

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