Ski Clinic: FAQs

Do I need to wax my ski soles?

The Polyurethane low friction base will have the sliding quality improved by waxing – melt on and scrape down smooth. The block waxes are colour coded – Red for wet snow, Blue for below freezing and Neutral for general snow conditions.

Is a special skiing holiday Insurance necessary?

It is important to be covered for accident, rescue facility costs and any hospitalization, as well as any accident involving a third party. Comprehensive insurance is available which covers other extras such as travel and ski equipment.

I am prone to cold hands and feet, what is the answer?

Use mitts rather than gloves and piled knit ski socks.

What Is the correct feeling of fitting, when wearing boots?

With all the clips closed, there should be some flex of the leg above the ankle, but the heel should be held down snugly with the toes free to move.

I can’t understand what my Instructor Is saying, what should I do?

Look very carefully at the demonstration of the exercises or turns that the instructor makes, do not be distracted – try and get an image imprinted in your mind, of the technique required, and then try to copy the same movement.

Is there any age limit for learning to ski?

So long as you are generally physically sound, you can take up skiing at any age. With shorter skis and correct instruction to take the “mature citizen” into account, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy skiing just as much as a teenager.

As a beginner Into skiing, how long will it take to become a proficient parallel skier?

Much depends on your fitness and feeling for balance. On average it takes three or more ski holidays to get into parallel turning. On the other hand, there are some skiers who can make basic parallels after only one week of tuition.

What are the benefits of joining a ski club?

Apart from the social aspects of a club’s meeting programme, there are benefits from discount holidays, equipment, group training sessions and club racing.

What makes Nordic Skiing so popular?

It is particularly interesting to people who already enjoy walking and mountaineering, or who are keen runners, orienteerers or cyclists. However, the sport is cheaper all-round, and because of the lighter equipment, simpler bindings and slower speed, it is very safe and gives all-round exercise.

At what age are children ready to go into ski school?

Unless the ski school has a kindergarten area for small children, most ski schools prefer children to be from 6-7 years old before learning.

How can a keen junior skier begin ski racing?

Joining a Ski club will enable the aspirant racer to have the chance to take part in organized training and coaching, giving encouragement and guidance into the racing programme.

Is it possible for the average D.I.Y. enthusiast to repair and service their own skis?

Yes, refer to the various articles in current ski magazines or online ski tips on maintenance advice. Ski shops stock repair kits and edge-sharpening files.

Is it wise to use a ski-locking device when parking my skies at lunchtime?

Unfortunately, stealing skis from outside cafes and even hotel lockers is a social disease that is prevalent in some ski resorts. A lightweight lock and cable will deter ski thieves, especially if two or three pairs are locked together.

When skiing down the trail or ski-piste, who has the right of way?

The faster skier must give way to the slower skier – overtaking with as wide a margin as possible.

As a learner skier on holiday with friends, do I have to take a whole day’s instruction?

Once you have the basic skills of technique, then you can take lessons in the morning sessions and ski with friends after lunch.

How should I store my ski equipment, once the winter is over?

Unlike the old days when skis had to be clamped up to keep their shape, modern skis just need to have a protective waxing on the soles and edges and be clipped together. Check poles for any repair. Dry out boots thoroughly and store in a dry loft or locker.

Is it worth buying special clothes for my first skiing holiday?

Yes – trousers, jacket, thermal underwear, socks and hat. No – boots.

Is it a good idea to try skiing on a dry slope before booking my skiing holiday?

Yes. This can help you to get the feeling of wearing skis and understanding basic techniques. However, it is a much slower surface and is harder to fall on than real snow.

What sort of resort is best for beginners?

Check with your travel agent about which resorts offer good tuition and have shorter, easier runs that are suitable for beginners.

What happens if there is no snow in our resort?

If you are on a package holiday, you should be taken to somewhere else suitable in the area.

What can I do to minimize the aches and pains after my first day?

Try to avoid this happening by doing pre-ski exercises before you go. If you do get aches and pains, take a hot bath after skiing to relax those tensed-up muscles.

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