Stocking up on Vegetables

Avoid plastic bags

Remove vegetables from plastic wrappings before you store them. They will sweat and go soggy if they can’t breathe.


A vegetable basket or wire rack is the best place to store onions. Place it in a cool, well-ventilated spot.


keep lettuce in a plastic bag in the fridge

This is one exception to the ‘no plastic bags’ rule. Lettuces do best in a plastic bag in the fridge, with the stem end left on. This treatment often works to revive a limp, tired lettuce if you sprinkle it with water before sealing the bag.

* To refresh loose lettuce leaves, rinse them in cold water, then shake off any excess water and place them in a plastic bag in the fridge for half an hour.

Carrots, beetroot and turnips

Don’t store these vegetables with the leafy green tops still on, or nutrients will be drawn up into the leaves.

Root ginger

It’s easier to peel a large piece in one go than to fiddle with small bits each time a recipe calls for ginger. Grate off what you need and store the rest in the fridge, wrapped in clingfilm. It should keep for weeks.

Potatoes and root vegetables

They will last longest in a cool, dark place with good ventilation.

Waste not

Puree leftover vegetables and freeze them in small containers. Defrost, and add to sauces or soups for extra flavour and fibre.

Cover the glass loosely with a plastic bag so that they don’t dry out.

Fresh herbs

Grow your own fresh herbs or buy them from a super-market or greengrocer. Most herbs on the stalk will last for several days if washed and placed upright in a glass with enough water to reach the stalk. Cover the glass loosely with a plastic bag so that they don’t dry out.

More parsley than you need?

Remove the stalks, chop the leaves finely and pack into ice-cube trays with a little water to moisten them; then freeze. When solid, transfer the blocks to a freezer bag, and use straight from frozen in soups, sauces and casseroles.

Cheaper vegetables

You’ll save money and get better quality produce if you choose loose vegetables rather than pre-wrapped packs.

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