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Food Shopping: Should You Buy in Bulk?

To buy or not to buy in bulk Whether it’s stocking up on 24-tin packs of baked beans at a cash-and-carry, or simply choosing the biggest bottle of oil at your local supermarket, buying in large quantities has disadvantages as … Continue reading

03. November 2013 by admin
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Photography: Which Film Size?

Some of today’s older cameras use one of three main film formats – 110, 35mm and 120 (roll film) – all of which can be loaded and unloaded from the camera in daylight. There are also various sheet and instant … Continue reading

27. December 2011 by admin
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Carbonated wines

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Wines made sparkling by pumping carbon dioxide (C02) into them. In past times, they were rightly considered of poor quality, the bubbles being large, rising slowly and not for long and, because the base wine was usually poor, they were … Continue reading

13. December 2011 by admin
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