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Simple Ways to Lose Weight

SIMPLE WAYS TO SLIM Work with your body Treat it well, and your body will be an ally in the fight against fat. Regular exercise can increase metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn up energy) and help you … Continue reading

03. November 2013 by admin
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Cooking with Yoghurt

Homemade yoghurt 1. Heat 570ml (1 pint) of sterilised or UHT milk to 43°C (110°F). If you don’t have a thermometer, test the temperature with your fingertip: the milk should feel very slightly warmer than your finger. 2. Stir in … Continue reading

19. October 2013 by admin
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Mocktail Recipe ‘Orange Yoghurt Shake’

How to Soundproof a Floor

‘Orange Yogurt Shake’ Mocktail Recipe   Ingredients: Metric 600 ml orange juice 300 ml natural yogurt ice   Imperial 1 pint orange juice 10 fl oz natural yogurt ice   Put the orange juice, yogurt and ice into an electric … Continue reading

03. May 2011 by admin
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