Tea, Coffee and Milk Drinks Recipes

Hot or cold, these are among the loveliest thirst quenchers. You can always dilute, but never be mean with the quantity that goes into the brew. Ways of using either are as diverse as their varieties.

Iced tea

Delicious if you brew it twice as strong as usual. Strain it off the leaves as soon as it is infused, cool it and pour it over crushed ice into glasses. Offer sugar and lemon slices separately.

Russian tea

This is served hot. Make a double-strength infusion of whatever tea you like. Strain it, half filling the glasses with tea, and top with boiling water. Offer sugar and lemon slices separately. Another way of flavouring Russian or China tea is to prepare:

Lemon or orange sugar

Use large cubes of loaf sugar. Rub them on all sides on the rind of a scrubbed orange or lemon to extract the zest. You can store them in a tightly-lidded jar.


Infinite in variety and appeal, so long as they’re served really chilled and frothy. They make refreshing — and nourishing — drinks for energetic people who’ve been mowing the lawn or even playing tennis or cricket. For coffee or chocolate flavoured milk shakes, it’s useful to make syrups to be stored in a cool place in screw-topped jars, ready for use:

Coffee Syrup

Over a low heat dissolve 4 oz. of Demerara sugar in 2 tablespoons of water. Bring to the boil, then add ½ pint of strong black, strained, hot coffee, stirring so that the sugar is well mixed in. Continue to boil for a few minutes, to get a syrupy consistency. Cool and store.

Chocolate Syrup

Put 6 oz. of plain chocolate with 6 fl. oz. of water, in a basin over hot water, to warm until the chocolate has melted, and the mixture is smooth. Store as for coffee syrup.

Milk Shake with Ice-cream

For 4 drinks, add 1 pint of milk to 2 portions of ice cream and 2 teaspoons of coffee or chocolate syrup. Blend in liquidizer until frothy, pour into glasses, and serve with straws.

Pineapple Shake

Enough for about 1-½ pints. Put ½ pint of chilled pineapple juice, 1 pint of chilled milk and sugar syrup to taste into the blender, or whisk thoroughly. Serve in stemmed glasses with a pineapple cube impaled on a cocktail stick across each glass.

Banana Whisk

For the sweeter tooth, to make about 1-¼ pints, peel and mash 3 ripe bananas, and mix them with 2 tablespoonsful of orange juice and 2 tablespoonsful of liquid honey. Whisk in 1 pint of chilled milk, or put all the ingredients together in the blender. Serve in tall glasses, and sprinkle (if you like) with grated plain chocolate or chocolate vermicelli.

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