Telescope Goldfish

This variety of the Common Goldfish is sometimes called the Pop-eyed Goldfish or Dragon Eyes. It can have either a metallic scaled skin or an opalescent transparent one. It has a short deep body, with in many cases a hump on the back at the junction with the head along the dorsal curve. Its curious eyes protrude almost on stalks. The fish is normally a bright orange and white but it can also be obtained in blue and black. The fins are large and often out of proportion with the body; the caudal fin is much longer than the trunk and very delicate, which makes it vulnerable to damage from other fishes and from rough stones.

As this variety is less hardy than other Common Goldfishes it is best removed from the pond in autumn, kept indoors in a water temperature of 10-16°C (50-60°F), then returned to the pond during the spring.

08. February 2012 by admin
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