The Clingfilm Controversy

Over the past few years there has been much disagreement about the safety of clinging plastic food wraps such as clingfilm. Most food scientists now agree that harmful chemicals from these wraps can be absorbed by the fat molecules in food, although it is not known if the quantities are large enough to pose a real risk to health.

For the sake of safety, clingfilm manufacturers and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, now recommend that self-clinging wraps be used only in situations where they can’t come into contact with fatty food – to wrap onions or lemons (neither of which contains fat) for the fridge, for example, or to cover a container. They are also not suitable for use in conventional ovens, and food should not be microwaved when in direct contact with clingfilm.


Many shops still use clingy plastic films on foods such as cheese and cold meat, which should be packaged in thicker non-clinging plastic or in foil or paper instead. Point this out if you notice it, and buy products from the counter where you can have them wrapped as you wish.

04. October 2013 by admin
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