The Kiss of Life

Someone who has actually stopped breathing naturally is most likely to suffer some form of brain damage after a period of about four minutes. The ‘kiss of life’ will put air into that person’s lungs until they can breathe unaided again.

1. With one hand on the forehead and the other under the chin, tilt the head backwards to open the airway. Check if the person is breathing.

2. If not, remove obvious obstructions from the face. With the head to the side, quickly clear the mouth of any foreign material.

kiss of life

3. If the person still doesn’t breathe, pinch the nose closed with your fingers and blow into the mouth deeply. Give two full breaths. Do not delay. (For babies and small children, cover both nose and mouth, and breathe gently.)

kiss of life

4. After the two deep breaths, look along the chest to watch it fall. When it does, continue at your normal breathing rate (about 15 breaths per minute). (For babies and small children, breathe slightly more quickly than your normal rate.)

5. When breathing begins, put the casualty in the recovery position.

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