The Vegetable Garden in Late Autumn

The vegetable garden

In mild regions, sow broad beans outdoors for an early crop. Dust the seeds with pirimiphos-methyl and draw flat drills 23cm (9in) wide and 6-7.5cm (2-½ – 3in) deep. Sow the seeds 15cm (6in) apart in two rows 18cm (7in) apart.

Apply a pre-emergence weedkiller where broad beans are sown under cloches and cover the ends of the rows with glass.

Also in mild regions, complete sowings of lettuces under cloches as early as possible.

Force chicory under the greenhouse staging at 10-13°C (50-55°F) for eating during winter. Cut off all but the bottom 2.5cm (1in) of the top growth, and pack the roots closely in large pans or boxes with a little moist soil between them. Cover with other pots, boxes or terracotta bell jars and then with a sheet of black polythene to exclude all light. Discard the roots after harvesting.

Trim the outer growths of globe artichokes and draw soil around the crowns. To increase stock, detach suckers from mature plants and grow on in pots in a cold frame or cool greenhouse and plant out in mid spring.




Clear away basil, chervil and dill. Also clear fennel and parsley which have grown for a second season.

Put cloches over parsley and chervil sown in early autumn.

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