Tips for Acne Sufferers

The most common of all skin complaints, acne is the scourge of teenagers. In its mildest form there may be only pimples and black-heads, though these can be distressing at an age when appearance is important. In severe cases, pimples may fill with pus or turn into cysts.

The best home treatment is regular washing with medicated soap or detergent lotion and hot water. Keep a check on your diet to see if chocolate, nuts, sweets or fats make the spots worse.

See your doctor if the condition does not improve, or the spots turn to cysts-painless lumps about 25mm (1 in) across. He may prescribe a lotion, antibiotics, or a vitamin A or hormone preparation.


DO get as much sunlight as possible. Sunbathing will often help.

DO try proprietary antiseptic and keratolytic creams. A chemist will be able to advise you.

DO consult your doctor if there are cysts. Left untreated they may leave scars. Also see the doctor if the acne doesn’t improve with home treatment or if the lotions cause a skin reaction.

DO wash your hair regularly and keep it short. Hair falling on your face can increase the number of spots.

DON’T use oily or greasy cosmetics. Ask your chemist to recommend a non-greasy cosmetic.

DON’T squeeze or pick the spots. They will get worse and may leave scars.

DON’T despair if spots do not respond to treatment immediately. It may take weeks or months, but acne is unlikely to go on getting worse indefinitely – sooner or later it will improve.

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