Tips for Cooking with Eggs

Separating yolk and white

Tap the egg sharply against the edge of a mixing bowl, or rap it with the back of a knife to crack the shell. Hold the egg upright over a bowl and carefully pull the shell apart. The white should run out into the bowl, leaving the yolk in the bottom half. Gently tip the yolk back and forth between the two halves of the shell until all the white has run out.

If a small piece of shell or a speck of yolk gets into the white, use an empty half shell to remove it.

Coating food with egg

An egg will go further but still work as well for coating if you beat in 15ml (1tbsp) of oil.

Boiling eggs

To prevent cracking, take eggs from the fridge about half an hour before boiling, so that they warm up. It also helps to pierce the rounded end of the shell with a pin to let air escape during cooking.

If an egg does crack, quickly add two tablespoons of vinegar or salt to the water to set the white.

Whipping egg whites

Use a clean, dry bowl without any trace of grease. Whip eggs at room temperature for a greater volume of whipped white. And don’t whisk the whites before you need them — the structure breaks down when they’re left to stand, and they won’t whip up as well again.

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