Treating Bruises with a Cold Compress

Put a cold compress on the bruise to help limit the swelling (see below). Apply it as soon as possible and keep it on for at least 30 minutes. Alternatively, hold the bruised area under a running cold tap. If a leg is bruised, lay the casualty down and prop up the leg on a pillow. For bruises on the trunk, lay him down with pillows below head and shoulders. See a doctor:

• If the pain is severe, or if there is difficulty in moving the bruised part 24 hours later.

• If bruises occur without any apparent reason.



Put some ice cubes into a plastic bag, tie the neck of the bag and crush the ice with a heavy saucepan or a hammer. Wrap the bag in a cloth before using it. If you don’t have any ice, use a bag of frozen peas instead.

Alternatively, soak a small towel in cold water, preferably water from the fridge, and wring it out.

How to treat a bruised arm

1. Put the person with the bruise in a comfortable position and get him to raise and support the injured part before and during the treatment. This helps to reduce bleeding in the tissues.

2. Apply a cold compress at once. If necessary, fix it in place with a stretch bandage.

3. Support the arm in a raised position for 30 minutes to help reduce the swelling.

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