Types of Timber Floors

Timber Floor Construction

types of timber floors In the vast majority of homes the floors will be constructed from timber. Until quite recently a timber floor meant just that – a floor constructed out of solid wood floorboards nailed on top of solid wood joists. However, technological advances have altered many of the traditional methods of construction so that chipboard and plyboard are commonly used instead of timber. The age of the property will have a bearing on the method of construction, with newer houses tending to make use of sheet flooring, which provides a smooth base over which to lay a floor covering.

Traditional Timber Floor

Floorboards may be either square-edged or joined to each other with the aid of a tongue and groove joint, which helps to cut down on draughts. New houses tend not to have floorboards as it is a much slower and more expensive process to lay floorboards than laying sheet flooring. Where renovations have taken place quite often you will find that floorboards have  been ripped out and chipboard sheets laid instead, although recently there has been a vogue for plain, exposed floorboards in interior design. Where an upper storey floor has been constructed using this traditional method, it is likely that the ceiling below will follow the old-style lath and plaster construction.

Floors Supported by Joist Hangers

Suspended floors in modern houses are commonly supported by joist hangers. These prevent the timber joists from coming into direct contact with the brickwork or blockwork, so that moisture cannot wick into the ends of the joists. The joists will often be thinner than those used in traditional construction, and sheet chipboard in place of floorboards acts as a stressed component tying everything together. Where the floor forms a ceiling for the room below this will be of plasterboard skimmed with a plaster finish.

Modern ‘T’ Beam Construction Floor

This type of floor is found in houses that utilize timber framing for structural walls and is common in the USA. It may look inferior but in actual fact beam construction is extremely strong and stiff. The beams can be made on site but are most often manufactured under controlled conditions and bought in. As with floors supported by joist hangers, sheet materials will usually be employed as flooring and ceiling for beam floors.

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