Tyrolean Textured Finish for Exterior Walls

This is a closely textured finish, and is applied with a special machine. A proprietary mix of Portland cement and aggregate is applied dry mixed. One bag of the mix, stirred into half a bucket of water, will give the correct consistency.

Before starting work, mask the surrounding area. Pour the mixture, a small amount at a time, into the machine. Turn the machine to the wall area and crank a handle; this will cause small blobs to be flicked on to the surface. The size of blob can be adjusted by a gauge on the side of the machine. Keep the machine moving to avoid an uneven build-up in one particular area. When working at angles, such as the corners of a building, continue to crank the machine and apply the mixture round the corners.

When re-rendering external surfaces, it is important to achieve a straight, clean edge at the outer corners of the building. The render coat can be applied, working from either side of the angled edge, with a trowel. For the floating and finish coat it is necessary to work to a wooden batten that will help to give a perfect edge.

Nail a length of a straight-edged board, using 50mm cut nails, into the brick joints. The wood should allow about 10mm thickness on one side. Fill in the lime-cement and sand floating coat, bringing this flush with the board. Use a rule made of another piece of board about lm long. Scratch in the horizontal key lines and, when set, remove the wood and repeat the process for the other side of the angle.

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