Veiltail Fish

This Goldfish variety is sometimes also known as a Fringetail. It is noted for its body depth, which is more than half the body length, and the dorsal fin is three-quarters the body depth, which makes the fish egg-shaped.

The drooping caudal fin is long and broad, with square-cut lower edges, and it forms graceful folds like fine lace. The tail can be double, triple, or even quadruple. The rest of the fins are long and paired; they are vulnerable and liable to be damaged by other fishes or by sharp projections in the pond. The eyes can be normal, or may project. There is much variety in the fish’s colour; this can be either scaled or metallic-looking, or transparent with the appearance of mother-of-pearl.

The Veiltail is slow in the pond, and is best kept in a separate pond, as faster fish usually reach the food first to the detriment of the slower swimmer. Protect this variety during winter by keeping it in an indoor pond.

08. February 2012 by admin
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