Wallpaper Repairs

It is possible to effect minor repairs to wallpaper.

On ordinary wallpaper an ‘invisible’ patch can be applied. A piece of matching paper cut larger than the damaged paper area will be needed. To soften the edges of the repair patch tear round them.

Check to see that the patch matches the surrounding pattern exactly. Peel back about 3mm of the backing paper from the edges of the patch. Tear off the loose damaged paper.

Paste and insert the patch, matching the pattern all round. When the paste has started to dry, use the seam roller to smooth out from the centre to the edges.

On some wall coverings, such as hessian or vinyl, it is not possible to tear a patch. A patch repair, which is less unobtrusive than the previous method, can be applied in the following way:

Cut a matching repair patch larger than the damaged area. Place this over the damaged paper and cut a square through both pieces of paper. Remove the old paper, paste and insert the repair patch. Again, use the roller.

If the paper is not damaged, but there is bubbling of the surface, caused by incomplete adhesion or the wrong type of glue, it is possible to repair isolated areas by one of two methods.

Cutting or injecting

This is necessary when entrapped air has left a bubble and the paper can no longer be lifted. Make horizontal and vertical cuts, with a sharp knife, at the position of the bubble. Take the cuts back a little further than the bubble area.

Ease the four corners back and repaste, allowing the paste to soak in. After soaking, press the flaps gently back into position and roll lightly.

The other method is to inject the bubble with fresh paste, using a syringe. Allow the paste to soak into the paper and then roll lightly.

Uneven adhesion at joins can be remedied by peeling back the section that has failed to adhere and applying a thin film of multi-purpose adhesive. Press the edge back into place and roll lightly with the seam roller.

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