What carpets to put where

Carpet manufacturers claim that the majority of complaints they receive are from customers who have used a carpet in the wrong area.

When the time actually comes to purchase a carpet the advice of a good retailer is helpful, to round off your own analysis of the situation. Look also at the manufacturer’s label when choosing; this gives definite instructions on where the carpet should be used. Carpets labelled for heavy domestic use should be laid in areas of heavy traffic such as halls, staircases and living rooms, which are in constant use.

General domestic and, in some cases, medium domestic carpets can be used throughout the house, except for stairs and halls, provided there is not a lot of traffic-so look at your family’s way of life before deciding on the correct grade.

A carpet labelled ‘light domestic’ should be used in a bedroom, but ‘medium domestic’ in a bed-sitter. Bedrooms get light traffic and the carpets do not soil easily, so a cheaper carpet can be used. A bedsitter, on the other hand, gets heavier wear.

Buying for the living room needs a lot of care and consideration, for this is the hub of the home and if you have pets as well as children your carpet will come in for a lot of wear, so a heavy domestic carpet is indicated. A couple with no children or pets could lay a carpet of medium quality.

Stair carpet is in a class by itself and needs choosing with care-for not only does it get hard wear, but the wrong sort of pile will ‘grin’ or separate on the stair nosing.

In choosing stair carpet look for a close, tightly woven pile, a curly pile (short twist), a looped pile or a cord type.

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