What to Do About Animal Bites

Bites from animals or people can cause infection, so wash the area thoroughly and if the skin has been broken see a doctor urgently, particularly if the bite has come from a person. Serious wounds should be treated at the Accident and Emergency Department of a hospital. Report dog bites to the police, as failure to keep a dog under proper control is a legal offence.

What to Do About Animal Bites

1. Wash the bitten area well with soap and warm water, or a mild antiseptic. Dry the area gently, wiping down and away from the wound. Cover the wound with a dressing, such as a clean handkerchief folded inside-out or a pad of tissues.

2. Bind the dressing in place with a clean piece of cloth or some sticking plaster.

Take the injured person to a doctor, or to your local hospital, because injections against tetanus or a course of antibiotics may be needed.

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