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whisky cocktails Whisky is a spirit distilled from grain — barley in the case of Scotch and Irish, corn in the case of Bourbon and rye in Canadian whisky. It is now arguably the world’s most popular alcoholic drink. Its origins are lost in history, although both the Scots and the Irish lay claim to its invention. Certainly, there is evidence that it was made in both countries more than 500 years ago. Its present popularity, however, is of a more recent date and can be traced from the 19th century, when blends of malt and grain whiskies were invented. Modern blends are mixtures of the same whisky from different years or of different types of whiskies.

Single malt Scotch whiskies are really the connoisseur’s concern and are best drunk neat or with water. Their subtle, yet distinctive, flavours make them unsuitable for the cocktail shaker. On the other hand, the lighter, less pungent taste of blended Scotch is absolutely ideal.

As the United States was the father of the modern cocktail, it is hardly surprising that Bourbon lends itself to the barman’s art. Originally from Bourbon County, Kentucky, this whiskey must, by law, be made from 51% corn. ‘Straight’ Bourbon is the American equivalent of single malt Scotch and, similarly, is less suitable for cocktails.

Irish whiskey (like its American cousin, it is usually spelt with an ‘e’) has its own special palate. Although quite full-bodied, it is less pungent than Scotch because the barley is dried in a different type of kiln. Most Irish whiskey is blended.

All Canadian whisky is blended and of a uniform high quality. It is rather light in both colour and taste, making it a perfect choice for many cocktails and whisky cocktails.

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