Wine Region: Canada

Wines have been made by missionaries in Canada since the 17th century, chiefly in southern Ontario. Recently, serious experiments have been made and plantings increased to further the wine industry as a commercial project, and a variety of wines, table, fortified and sparkling, are now being produced. As in England, hybrids are cultivated for the purpose of winemaking.

It must be admitted that, as Canadian wines are seldom available outside their homeland, pronouncements about them are difficult to make. In spite of conscientious attempts to make wine in a climate that is more suitable to vines than might be supposed, the quality of the wines is not yet developed. The adoption of modern winemaking and viticultural techniques may have a beneficial effect on Canadian wines of the future. A name to note is Ihniskillin, but there are others.

13. December 2011 by admin
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