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This word comes from the Gaelic cuach, meaning a cup which is of Highland origin. It is like a small bowl with lugs or handles, sometimes two, three or four at the sides. Quaichs seem originally to have been made of wood, the more luxurious ones having silver or metal mounts; later they were made mostly of metal. Whisky or brandy was drunk from a quaich until comparatively recent times: it still is on certain ceremonial occasions in Scotland or among Scots throughout the world such as on New Year’s Eve.

Quallitatswein bestimmer Anbaugebiete

Term recently introduced by the German Wine Law for labelling certain German wines. It signifies that the wine so labelled is a quality wine, coming from defined areas of production. Abbreviated to QbA.

Quallitatswein mit Pradikat

Term recently introduced by the German Wine Law for labelling certain German wines. It means that the wine is a quality wine with a title, such as kabinett, spdtlese, auslese. A Prddikatswein cannot be sugared, but the use of natur as a description has ceased. Abbreviated to QmP.

Quart de Chaume

A sweetish white wine, from the vineyards around Chaume in the Coteaux du Layon in Anjou. It gets its name from the vineyard having at one time belonged wholly to one proprietor, who reserved the personal right to take a quarter (quart) of each vintage. It can, with maturity, achieve very great quality in certain years.


Wine is made – with some difficulty – in this region of Australia. The centre of the industry is the town of Roma.


A plum distillate..


A dry white wine from the upper Loire which, as it is made from the Blanc Fume grape (or Sauvignon Blanc), slightly resembles Pouilly Blanc Fume.


Portuguese for ‘farm’. The word is most used, in wine, to differentiate the various single estates of the Douro region of Portugal.

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