Wines and Spirits Dictionary: Letter Y


This important Australian winery, near Angaston, was first planted by a Dorset settler, Samuel Smith, in 1849. Its name means ‘all the country around’. Yalumba wines established a reputation for quality; today the stress appears to be on fortified wines, although a quantity of table wines are also made. The Smith family are still running the firm.


McWilliam winery in New South Wales, Australia.


Brandy distillery in New South Wales, Australia, belonging to the important McWilliam family. The Wynn family also make wines there.


Vineyard region near Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, which produced wines earning much praise. However, due to various factors, mainly the expansion of Melbourne, it has no longer vineyards or winemakers.

Yquem, d’Yquem

(Pronounced ‘Ee-kem’) Chateau d’Yquem is the most famous of the great Sauternes and invariably commands a high price, which often seems exaggerated. It was rated a Premier Grand Cm in the 1855 classification. Very luscious, it is always estate-bottled. In recent years, a dry version of the wine of the property has been made and sold under the name of ‘Y’ or Ygrec (the French name for the letter ‘Y’, pronounced ‘ee-grek’).

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