Wines and Spirits Dictionary: Letter Z


Winery founded in 1969 near Saroma, U.S.


Alsace vineyard near Ribeauville. Of great antiquity, it is planted with different vines, each being individually replaced when necessary. The wine is, as might be expected, highly individual and can attain great quality.

Zandvliet, Sandvliet

Vineyard at Ashton, Robertson, South Africa. It is also known for the horses bred there.


Egyptian name for ouzo.


Mosel vineyard known for Zeller Schwarze Katz (black cat), a name applied to the wines in general.


Middle Mosel parish producing fine wines. The best-known sites are probably Himmelreich, Schlossberg and Sonnenuhr.


Austrian white wine grape.


White wine grape of Yugoslavia.


Black grape, used considerably in California, also in South Africa and Australia. It makes wine that is highly rated by many, although the European palate can find it somewhat earthy, edgy and harsh, unless really well made and adequately matured. Its origin is the subject of debate: some suppose it to be a truly native grape, of Vitis rinifera; others that it was brought to California by the pioneer Hungarian winemaker Haraszthy; others again that it may originally have come from Italy. In recent years a white wine has been made from it also.


The yellow variety of the native Yugoslav grape, Plavac.


Term used in the labelling of Alsace wines, signifying that both ‘noble’ and common vine varieties have been used.

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