Wines of Different Countries

Italy has almost as large a range and variety as France, and her wines are now much more dependable in standard than they once were. Switzerland produces wines with an absolutely distinct aroma and taste and I rather like them. The Dole from the Pinot Noir and Gamay grape is characteristically velvety and the white wines are extremely dry, some with a very flinty taste. Naturally the wine for fondu. These Swiss wines are rare and expensive, too, since the difficulties in growing the wine prohibit the making of large quantities, and most of what is produced is drunk locally.

The light white Vinho Verdes from Portugal are perfect for picnics; and a famous rose has put Portuguese table wines on the lists all over the world. There should be more reasonably-priced wines from Portugal as it develops its potential.

Austrian wines make a change with summer dishes, lunch or dinner. A popular table wine brought these wines further to the fore, as it did in Portugal. Austrian white wines are best, Apetlon and Schluck, and the spicey Griiner Veltliner.

From Middle and Eastern Europe there are dozens of different tastes to try for weekend and lunchtime drinking. The best wines are mainly white: Chardonnay from Bulgaria, Cotnari from Romania, and from Hungary the sweet white dessert wine, Tokay. Yugoslav Riesling needs no introduction as an excellent medium-priced white wine.

Cyprus made its name with Sherry, but is now producing in quantity some table wines that are being shipped to England. The white wines are rather sweet, with an underlying bitterness and hardly any ‘finish’ at all, due to a lack of the acidity one finds in German wines. They make inexpensive everyday wines. Lastly Spain, which produces much better quality wines in the Rioja district than was once upon a time admitted. Chile also produces excellent red wines at splendid value. Wines from South Africa, Australia and California are all available, too, but because of the distance they have to travel, they are not so economical.

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