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Test the quality of a hand saw by springing the blade into a curve. The curve should be regular and the blade perfectly straight when released.

Insert a wedge into the saw cut when ripping along a plank. This will prevent the saw from binding.

When using a plane, occasionally rub a piece of candle wax on the sole of the plane. This will make the plane slide much more easily over the timber. Keep a spare plane blade for use on plastic laminates. Laminates blunt a blade fairly quickly.

Hammering the point of a nail to make it slightly blunt will help to prevent it from splitting the wood when nailing close to the edge.

To fasten a panel pin into an awkward position where it is difficult to hold, push it through a strip of thin card or paper and use this to keep the pin in place when nailing.

When sawing veneered or faced boards, always saw with the face side up. This will help to prevent splintering on the good side. Also to prevent splintering, cut the veneer on the reverse side of the saw cut with a knife and stick clear adhesive tape over the line.

If you are boring a large hole in narrow timber, place a cramp across the width, to avoid splitting.

Where a saw cut is being made with the wood held in the vice, make sure that the wood is level or it will be difficult to saw to the line. When a cut is being made at an angle, adjust the timber so that the line appears to be vertical. The saw is then used in a vertical position.

A ‘bruise’ in wood may be lifted out with a damp cloth and a hot iron. An alternative method is to fill the dent with water and leave overnight. This will cause the grain to swell and the depression to disappear.

As most machine oils are too thick for use on oilstones, use a mixture of 50 per cent machine oil and 50 per cent paraffin when sharpening tools. A slightly hollow oil stone may be made flat by rubbing it on a sheet of plate glass covered in carborundum grinding paste.

A solution of oxalic acid will remove many stains from the surface of timber-but it is poisonous and must be kept away from children and be clearly labelled.

Never keep workshop solutions or preparations in bottles which children associate with drink. This could lead to serious accidents. Keep all such solutions high up or in a locked cupboard.

Waterproof Indian ink makes a good matt black stain for small items, such as picture frames.

Screw eyes will often make good shelf supports for small shelves.

A sticking drawer may be eased by rubbing candle wax on the bearing/running surfaces. Graphite will also do this.

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